The RePORT International Common Protocol was developed for collecting data and specimens from participants in the Regional Prospective Observational Research for TB (RePORT) Consortium. The primary purpose of the RePORT International project is to provide a platform for coordinated TB research by establishing a common set of standards and definitions that are used in the context of observational clinical research to perform clinical TB research.  This will enable research studies to use pooled data and well-curated biological specimens for future analysis. The RePORT International Common Protocol describes the populations and processes for collecting the specimens and data. 


There are two documents attached in this section.  One is the Common Protocol v1.1, 12 Jan 2016, exactly as it was reviewed and approved by the FHI 360 Protection of Human Subjects Committee (PHSC).  The template version of this document has been revised to indicate sections that are customizable for individual RePORT International sites in preparation for local IRB submissions.  This version is also on file with the FHI 360 PHSC.