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Professor Mark Hatherill is Director and leader of the clinical research team of the South African Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative (SATVI), a University of Cape Town research group focused on understanding risk for and protection against TB, to develop better vaccines and therapies that will impact the global epidemic. A University of Cape Town medical graduate, he trained as a pediatrician and critical care sub-specialist. He has been involved with 28 clinical trials of 9 novel TB vaccine candidates conducted at the SATVI research site near Cape Town, in parallel with large epidemiological and immunological cohort studies. Prof Hatherill has played a lead role in pivotal efficacy trials that have tested the candidate vaccine MVA85A for prevention of TB disease in infants; BCG revaccination for prevention of M. tuberculosis infection in adolescents; and the candidate vaccine M72/ASO1E  for prevention of TB disease in adults. His current work focuses on the design and implementation of clinical trials of novel TB vaccines and biomarker-targeted TB prevention strategies.