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Herman Kosasih is a medical doctor graduated from Padjadjaran University. He served as a primary physician at Bima district, West Nusa Tenggara and Banjarnegara district, Central Java. He accepted his PhD from Radboud University, the Netherlands, after defending his thesis titled “Dengue Infections in West Java, Indonesia: Current Situation and Challenges”. His thesis reflected his work for 11 years as a researcher at Viral Diseases Program, Naval Medical Research Unit (NAMRU) #2. In addition to dengue, he also researched other viruses such as influenza, chikungunya, and hantavirus. He was involved in the team that first identified influenza H5N1 in humans in Indonesia. After NAMRU#2 closed, he assisted Center for Research and Development of Biomedical and Basic Health Technology, in collaboration with the USAID to prepare Indonesia as the “WHO Collaborating Center for influenza at the human and animal interface”. He assisted Badan Litbangkes and US-NIAID with the establishment of Indonesia Research Partnership on Infectious Diseases (INA-RESPOND) during its infancy in 2010-2011 and has been actively involved in the network’s many studies. His research interest includes HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, other viruses and bacteria causing fever and sepsis. Up to now, he has helped several researchers prepare their manuscripts for publication.