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Hardy Kornfeld, MD, is Professor of Medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. A graduate of Boston University School of Medicine, he completed internal medicine residency at University Hospital (Boston) and St. Luke’s Hospital (New York) followed by subspecialty training in infectious diseases (St. Luke’s), pulmonary medicine (Boston University) and a postdoctoral fellowship in molecular virology (Harvard School of Public Health). His laboratory studies macrophage cell death in TB, immunometabolism in TB with a focus on sirtuins, mechanisms of TB susceptibility in mouse models of diabetes, and host-directed therapy for TB. Clinical projects include participation in RePORT India Phase 2, an observational study of lung function in HIV/TB patients (collaboration with the Dr. Gregory Bisson, Penn, and Aurum Institute), and a randomized trial of  metformin as adjunctive therapy in HIV/TB (collaboration with Aurum Institute and Dr. Amit Singhal, Singapore Immunology Network).