Report Afranio Kritski, MD, PhD members

Principal Investigator

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)


Afranio Lineu Kritski, PhD, graduated in Medicine at the Evangelical School-Paraná (1980), and earned a master's degree at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro/FURJ (1990), and a PhD in Infectious and Parasitic Diseases from Federal University of São Paulo (1995). He has been a professor of Pulmonology and Tisiology at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (FURJ) since 2010. He has served as president of the Brazilian Research Network on TB (REDE-TB) since 2014. He has been working in medicine, with emphasis on pulmonology and tisiology, on the following topics: diagnosis, immunopathogenesis, molecular biology, molecular epidemiology, treatment, clinical trials, operational research, cost effectiveness, and impact of technological and innovation.