Dr. Durovni, MD., PhD was the Undersecretary of Primary Health Care at the Rio de Janeiro City Health Secretariat for several years. She has experience conducting operational and clinical research in tuberculosis and HIV and has participated in many international collaborative studies on tuberculosis and tuberculosis associated with HIV. She was the Principal Investigator in Brazil for the THRio study (part of the CREATE consortium) and in the GenXpert pilot study—both funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. She was also a co-investigator in NIH-funded collaborative studies with Johns Hopkins University on innovative approaches for tuberculosis control. Betina has served as a consultant to UNAIDS in several countries on TB and HIV Global Fund projects and is a member of the STAG-TB WHO and advisor to the Brazilian Ministry of Health on tuberculosis. As the Rio de Janeiro city’s transmissible diseases programs coordinator for more than ten years, she has had the opportunity to conduct many studies that have contributed to building research capacity, provided opportunities for mentoring of new investigators, and implemented new tools for tuberculosis and HIV control.