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Dr. Cattamanchi is a Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology and co-Director of the Implementation Science Program at the University of California San Francisco, and an attending chest physician at San Francisco General Hospital. His research focuses on the development and evaluation of tuberculosis diagnostics, and the implementation of evidence-based care for tuberculosis in high burden countries. He is a principal investigator of 5 NIH R01 and 1 NIH U01 studies, including a multi-country platform study to evaluate novel tuberculosis triage, diagnostic and drug resistance tests, and community-based trials of strategies to improve uptake of TB preventive therapy, reduce pre-treatment loss to follow-up and increase completion of tuberculosis treatment. In addition to research, Dr. Cattamanchi co-directs the UCSF Implementation Science Certificate Program and a NIH-funded K12 program that supports junior faculty with an interest in implementation research related to heart and lung diseases.